The very first people you should tell about the upcoming wedding are the children either of you have from previous marriages. This is very important: Even if your children adore your finance, they can feel very alienated if they don't hear about it first. Your kids are going to have a brand-new stepparent -- no one should know that before they do.

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1 Dresses for wedding

Brides: Be yourself. Let your personality shine through. You probably wore traditional garb when you married someone else -- this time wear what you like! This also means that if you always wanted to wear the big white wedding dress, but for some reason didn't, do it now! You may want to skip the veil as the veil is generally a first-time-bride tradition. Instead, try a glimmering tiara, or fresh flowers in your hair. Choose your attendants' attire with the same philosophy.

Grooms: Same goes for you. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in -- a zoot suit, a morning suit, a white tie, a seersucker suit, or tails.

2. Children

Involve your children in the ceremony -- after all, your finance will be part of their family, too. Let them be ushers, bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers, best men, pages, or organizers. That said, don't just assume that they want to be involved. Always ask. If a child expresses reluctance, don't push. Reassure your children that their presence will be appreciated regardless of their roles on the big day. As a nice gesture, seat them at your table during the reception.

3. Casual Or Formal

Have the wedding of your dreams. Not formal enough the first time? Go all out on this one. Too stuffy the first time? Have a backyard barbecue complete with limbo contest. Consider a soiree that creatively combines tradition with your own personal flair. There's only one rule: Have fun!

4. Money Matters

Generally, you two should share expenses. Discuss the type of affair each of you would like, and try to accommodate each other's needs and wants. Draw up a budget and stick firmly to it. If relatives want to contribute, feel free to accept -- and be sure to send a thank-you note and gift.

5. Flowers, Photography, Music, and More

Go ahead and get the most beautiful bouquet, the best photographer, and a fabulous DJ or band. For a more casual affair, make a camera-happy relative your honorary photographer. Have your own video camera? Enlist a few friends to take turns capturing the moment. These goodies depend on your budget and your wedding's formality.