Here’s how we made sure that things came off as planned: before the wedding, my mother and I set up a preview of all of the arrangements in my parents’ basement, exactly as we wanted them set up in various spots around the hall and Church. And then with a digital camera, we snapped a photo of each arrangement so that we had a visual guide illustrating our intentions for all our helpers. A digital camera and a computer with a color printer are handy here, but old-fashioned 4×6s are just as good — it just takes longer and cost more to get them developed.

My wedding story

When we finished arranging everything in the basement, we tagged each arrangement with a small piece of masking tape and a number. What we aimed for is arrangements and went left to right — methodical enough even for the crazy hustle and bustle of the Big Day.

Then we packed everything for transport in banana boxes from the local grocery store. You’re probably thinking, “why banana boxes?” Simple: they’re strong and light, so you can fill them with just about anything and not have to worry about the bottom dropping out. When each box filled up, we labeled the top with the contents’ intended destination (“On top of the piano in the lobby.”). Then we loaded up boxes in mostly-logical order, grouping similar decorations together, into a rented box truck.