Recently, I headed back to my hometown to help my mother and sister with the final planning for my sister’s wedding.

Every member of my family is a “Do-It-Yourself” junkie, so we had an unbelievable amount of flower arrangements, pew decorations, garlands, candles and silver to deal with.

My wedding story

You name it; we had to set it up. What’s more, we had a total of four hours to decorate the church and a huge reception hall, a large lobby and two gazebos.

When I arrived back at the old haunts before the big day, I honestly felt a bit overwhelmed — only four hours to decorate! And all those decorations and rooms! But as it happened, we pulled it off. And what’s more, we even had time to relax and admire our handiwork.

The first thing we had to do was figure out how many people were able to help us decorate. And though it really helps, it isn’t totally necessary that your helpers have an eye for design. Anyone with two arms and a pair of eyes is perfectly suited to come and lend a hand.