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My wedding story

Informal wedding dress

Unique Wedding Ceremony: Turmeric Ceremo

In Bangladesh, the Gae Halud (turmeric ceremony) involves separate celebrations for the bride and groom.          &am ... Read More

Column wedding dress

Who am I? -------I want to keep my own n

Maybe you're the last of your breed, and there are no future generations to bear the family crest, so you want to ensure the family name lives on. And then, of course, the other factor is how his na ... Read More

Mermaid wedding dress

Why Should I Change My Name After the We

If you dream of the perfect wedding dress, I think you will think about your name after wedding. To change your name or not to change your name, that is the question.    & ... Read More

Short wedding dress

An interesting story about change name

As we all know brides should have a new name after wedding, today I want to share with you a story about this change name game. As you will learn in marriage, there is always compromise. There ar ... Read More

Short sleeves

Wedding Plan: How to Change Your Name?

If you've decided to change your name, after the wedding it's time to make it official. (Contrary to popular belief, obtaining a marriage license that uses your new last name does not automatically me ... Read More

Western wedding dress

Wedding ceremony: Protestant unique wedd

Begin to envision your wedding ceremony. Should it be long and symbolic? Short and sweet? Do you want to include all the rituals or just the highlights? If you and your honey aren't the same religio ... Read More

my wedding story

How to make your wedding cake tier?

A lot of brides-to-be want to make wedding cake itself, but they do not how to make wedding cake tier and beautiful. First, Know Your Cake's Shelf Life. Some cakes freeze better than others. The ... Read More

my wedding story

What is Engagement or Wedding Ring Insur

There are a few ways to insure your engagement ring. Ring insurance is best purchased as an extension (also called a "rider") for your renters' or homeowners' policy. Renters' and homeowners ... Read More

Bridesmaid dresses

Should bridesmaids pay for bridesmaid dr

Discuss the budget of your wedding up front with everyone who might participate in covering the expenses. Doing so will help you make the most of a realistic budget so you can have the touches you fee ... Read More

Elegant wedding dress

Who should pay for your wedding dresses?

The bride's family is responsible for all other expenses, which include the engagement party and the rehearsal dinner (if the groom's parents do not pay). They will cover the entire cost of the recept ... Read More

my wedding sroty

Share an interesting story about wedding

 I think this is a good story for brides-to-be, so I want to share with you. Picture this, a beautiful black tie affair being held in a 1920's historic landmark. The couple getting married w ... Read More

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